WTCARES - Adoption

WTCARES - Adoption application

The WTCARES committee is composed of volunteer members in good standing of the Welsh Terrier Club of America, Inc. The committee attempts to match every dog it places with the most suitable home. However, the committee members, WTCARES, and the Welsh Terrier Club of America, Inc., make no guarantee or warrantee whatsoever regarding either the success of any placement or the health or temperament of any Welsh Terrier placed through the program. The placement of Welsh Terriers through WTCARES is not a sale, no warranties, express or implied, are made whatsoever.

A WTCARES volunteer may contact you to discuss your application. We may ask to visit your home at your convenience. Please understand that these calls and any follow-up calls are routine to assure us that all is well for you and for the dog.

Please contact us if you obtain a dog and want to be taken off our prospective adopter list.

We reserve the right to decline an applicant.

The policy of WTCARES is to respect the privacy of all applicants. We will not sell, exchange or otherwise distribute your personally identifiable information without your consent, except among WTCARES representatives when arranging an adoption. We will not retain the information longer than necessary for normal operations.

Choose a Representative To Receive Your Application

Please choose a representative from the list below to whom you would like your application sent. NOTE: to help expedite the matching process, your application may be shared with other representatives on this list.

You and Your Family

Are there children under the age of 10 who reside at your home, either full or part-time?

Please list every person who currently resides at your residence:
(Please use as many lines as you need, then leave the rest blank.)

Resident 1:

Resident 2:

Resident 3:

Resident 4:

Resident 5:

Resident 6:

Do all of the people you listed approve of getting a dog?

Are there any other children who visit your home on a regular basis?

Which of the following best describes your current residence:

If you rent/lease, is the landlord agreeable to you owning a dog?

Some homeowners associations have covenants or limitations on pet ownership. Please check to make sure that your plans fit with the rules of your homeowners association, if you belong to one.

Some cities and towns have restrictions on the number of pets you may own. Please check the rules in your own city or town.

Is the area you live in:

Your Yard

Which of the following best describes your yard?
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Do all the gates have locks?

Can children easily open the gates?

Could a dog dig under the fence?

If you have a pool, is it fenced?

Do you allow friends, neighbors, relatives, or children to gain admittance to your home (or yard) without your knowledge or supervision?

Do you allow service people (such as cleaning people or meter readers) to gain admittance to your home (or yard) without your knowledge or supervision?

Your Pet Ownership

Please list all animals that currently live in your household:

Animal 1:

Animal 2:

Animal 3:

Animal 4:

Have you ever owned a dog before?
(please skip here)

Have you previously owned a terrier?

Have you previously owned a Welsh Terrier?

Has your previous dog ownership ever caused you to be in a court situation?

Have you ever given up a dog by choice?

If you have not owned a dog before, have you lived in a household with a dog?

If you have not owned a Welsh Terrier, have you personally met a Welsh Terrier?


Please check any preferences: (Choose all that apply)

Are you willing to consider a dog that is not fully housebroken?

Are you willing to consider a dog with minor medical or special nutritional needs?

Are you willing to consider a dog who was abused or neglected and needs extra love and attention?

Are you willing to consider a dog with special behavior issues that might require extra or special training?

Care and Responsibility

Is someone normally home during the day?

Where will your Welsh Terrier normally spend the day when people are gone?

Where will your Welsh Terrier normally be at night?

Do you want your Welsh Terrier to live outdoors most of the time?

Do you travel frequently?

Do you plan to do obedience training with the dog if he/she is not already trained?

Do you own a crate?

If the dog must be shipped, do you own an airline-approved crate (generally made of rigid plastic)?

All WTCARES dogs must be spayed/neutered as part of the adoption process. Are you willing to do this if it has not already been done?

Do you have a veterinarian that you have used before and plan to use with your next dog?

If yes:


Please provide two names as references, including your landlord (if you rent your home), and your veterinarian, groomer, or dog trainer, if you have one. Please list any members of the Welsh Terrier Club of America that you might know. Or, if you belong to a dog club or any dog-related group, include the name of a club officer or an associate from the group.

Other references could include a neighbor, your employer, or a friend or relative who owns a terrier or other high-maintenance breed (such as a Poodle or Afghan Hound).
(Please fill in both references.)

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

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